Shows by Scott Wings

I love performing. Creating intimate and expressive works of performance art is like watching flowers bloom. My work is low-cost and lo-fi but high energy and packed with integrity. I have been able to perform poetry and physical theatre solo to a room full of 100 Year 10 students in North QLD. AND KEEP THEM HOOKED. If you know age demographics, you know thats one of the toughest crowds you ca have. I believe it’s my natural conversation with students that gives me an edge. I speak to them and with them. They are never a passive audience expected to delight in my ego. These performances are moments shared between us, which I believe is a valuable and unique experience for audiences of any age. My journey in physical theatre, spoken word and site-flexible performance has created a demand for my shows at festivals and schools Australia wide.

Currently showing!

Whiplashwhiplash image 1

A heart escapes the chest, a brain goes searching, a body reacts.

Whiplash is a cracker of a show. I love performing something so embodied, so poetic and reflective of the immediate now. This is my meditation and commentary on the male ego, the #metoo movement and how to be a good man in the 21st century.

Duration: 60 minutes

Melbourne Fringe season @ Dancehouse 25-30 September 2018


Previous shows:


Pure distilled, fully realised imagination.

Premiering at Brisbane’s Anywhere Festival 2015, Scott Wings’ one-man show COLOSSI went on to sell-out shows across Australia and Singapore. A unique, site-flexible performance (anywhere, any time) Scott Wings weaves a tale of imaginary friends, imaginary Giants and very real mental health demons in a physical comedy that embraces imagination in a beautifully raw and intelligent way.

It’s impossible to look away as he contorts himself physically and mentally, struggling to carry himself and his world of mental constructs through the mindscape he has created – one replete with wonder, comedy and drama” – Jason Lomas, Anywhere Festival 2015

“Part scripted, part improvised and entirely imaginative, the show is perfect for kidults… People who love to indulge their inner child, for whom imagination is sacrosanct, the folk who love flights of fancy” – Kiesten McCauley, Weekend Notes

Food Fight
food fight at testing grounds

A collaboration with dancer and live artist Chai Vivan (Malaysia), Food Fight is a cultural experience, an invite to dinner, and a war. Food Fight premiered at Now Theatre in Kuala Lumpur 2017, followed by a Melbourne Fringe season at Testing Grounds.


THE IDEA (creative development ongoing)

The Idea previewed to a packed house at Backbone’s 2High Festival 2016. A collaborative project between Scott Wings’ and multi-disciplinary artist Mathamagik, The Idea is a stunning and emotional foray into thought and acceptance.


The Idea is waiting to be realised, to be thought of.

We all just want to be thought of, right?

While other ideas fly thick and fast, The Idea is still waiting to be made real.

Take a journey into the world of ideas. See thought clouds manifest and wade through brain storms. Scott Wings brings an abstract concept – an IDEA personifiied – to life while Mathamagik’s beautiful design delights and surprises the audience. Part poetry, part thought, and very much an idea, it’s up to the audience whether they embrace the idea or not.



Duration: 60 minutes

Suitable for ages 15+

Mental health themes and family violence.

In 2014 Scott Wings premiered his performance poetry and physical theatre show Icarus Falling to a sellout season at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Using poetry, hip hop and physicality to tell the story of Icarus’ descent from the heavens, it was a stunning commentary on mental health and masculinity.

Icarus Falling was nominated for the esteemed Total Theatre Award and received the 2015 Fringe Weekly Award for Best New Theatre at Adelaide Fringe 2015.

Backed into the corner of a small room he performs surrounded by scattered feathers, contorting his body with a tortured physicality that transforms his words into a piece of raw and unmoulded beauty. Icarus Falling is intense and passionate and defiantly refuses to be a tangible thing.

A Younger Theatre *****

His brand of spoken word is totally idiosyncratic, personal and zany. This is a mesmerising rhour of lyrical storytelling which unflinchingly explores mental illness using the metaphor of flight.

Broadway Baby *****


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