Workshops by Scott Wings

I’m fortunate to be able to assist people to develop skills in communication, self-confidence, creativity and collaboration through my workshops. These include theatre, performance, poetry, poetry slam, physical theatre and immersive theatre. Ages range from primary school (7-12), high school (13-17) and above.



Physical Theatre workshops – Melbourne, Australia

Poetry in Education:

My most prolific role is spoken word mentor and performance poetry teacher. I have facilitated workshops at schools from Tasmania (the Hobart Cluster Schools program), Mackay (Mirani SHS) and Kelvin Grove State College, as well as Far North QLD with Brisbane Writers Festival and QLD Poetry Festival. Since 2013 I have been a regular Artist In Residence at Kelvin Grove State College, facilitating poetry slams, performance events and immersive theatre projects. These workshops are great for anyone beginning a poetry component at their school, or for learners where English may be a second language. I fuse hiphop, games, rhythm, poetry, science fiction and comedy to make for an engaging exploration into the English language, performance and writing skills. 


Poetry and Performance Workshop by Scott with Spill The Ink – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Physical Theatre, Immersive Performance and Text:

Utilising Suzuki, Viewpoints and Butoh Physical theatre techniques to inspire strength and confidence in participants, I teach physical theatre as a way of sharpening students minds to the tasks in performance AND life. These workshops give the students confidence in performance by focusing on breath work, text in movement and physical challenges to empower students. Combined with immersive theatre techniques, I facilitate and direct groundbreaking works of performance art with students. These projects explore the potential of school grounds as full-scale interactive arts pieces.


Physical theatre and text workshop – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


An example of standard workshop facilitation:

Poetry and poetry slam:

1-off sessions in classroom – performance and mini-workshop (30 students max) (1+ hour)

1-off school hall performance and interactive workshop (100 students +) (45 minutes-1 hour)

Multi-session engagement in classrooms. And/or –

Hosting and organisation of in-school Poetry Slam competition.

Physical and immersive theatre:

1-off session in theatre space (1hour+)

1-off school performance of COLOSSI (one-man show) followed by Q & A (show: 1 hour, Q&A 30 minutes)

Multi-session workshops in theatre space

Artist-in-residence program (3-4 weeks) aiming for a project outcome.


Run Amok immersive theatre treasure hunt – Canberra @ You Are Here Festival 


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